Maintenance & Repair

In the world of industrial fluid handling, even the most robust systems, such as positive displacement pumps require regular maintenance to assure long term reliability. Expert service and maintenance will actually save your company money in the long term by reducing costly downtime that can result from infrequent service.

PELCAN Inc. has the resources to manage equipment repairs on-site or off-site. Our service technicians can provide any of the following repair services:

Mechanical overhauls
Baseplate and foundation restoration and repair of hollow cavities
Parts manufacturing and sourcing, including rapid turnaround on critical parts from OEM's and qualified suppliers.
On-site troubleshooting
Equipment start up/commissioning
Preventive maintenance
Equipment Upgrades
Scheduled/unscheduled maintenance support

To further control equipment repair costs, PELCAN Inc. has the technical resources to provide on-site evaluations of existing component condition. Through visual, dimensional and non-destructive examinations, PELCAN Inc. personnel can recommend safe and economical equipment repairs as necessary to keep your equipment reliable and efficient.

Contract Maintenance Program

Allows you to focus on your critical processes and core businesses, not on costly maintenance functions. The program is designed to reduce your total operations and maintenance expense, can maximize the efficient use of your critical manpower, especially during tight outages and turn-arounds.  Under contract, we can schedule and perform pump inspections, perform routine maintenance and continually oversee your pump's operation. Because we know positive displacement pumps and their performance characteristics, we are able to recognize and readily assess efficiency losses. This allows you to head off expensive repairs and avoid costly downtime.

Technical Training

Our training programs are customized to address your specific needs. Our thorough knowledge of not only the equipment we represent, but positive displacement pumps in general, allows us to develop training programs tailored to the needs of your maintenance or process engineering personnel. A well-trained maintenance and process engineering staff can translate into lower maintenance costs, higher reliability of equipment, and minimal down time.